Why do cats pee inside

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Inappropriate urination is the leading cause of cats being surrendered to shelters. While there are a number of underlying causes, they can generally be broken down into medical causes, behavioral causes, or a combination of the two. When cats choose somewhere besides their litter boxes to urinate, veterinarians look for health concerns such as such as kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, crystals in the urine a potentially life-threatening situation in male catsbladder stones, or bladder inflammation caused by an infection or even stress.

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Phil Zeltzman is a traveling, board-certified surgeon in Allentown, PA. His website is www. A friend and cat lover recalls: "My cat, Catnip, peed on the floor!

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Skip to content. The most common behavior problem reported by pet parents of cats is inappropriate elimination. Urine marking is a form of indirect communication used by cats.

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I am an animal lover and a devoted cat person. I write helpful articles based on my experiences as a cat mom. You have a big problem: your cat, who was trained to use a litter box years ago, is suddenly peeing in random spots around your home. You're at your wits' end.

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Feline inappropriate urination urinating in the wrong place is a common issue for cat owners. It often involves the cat urinating outside their litter box in an inappropriate area or on an inappropriate object. The causes are generally medical or behavioural in origin.

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Simply choose the PayPal option when you checkout. I have a problem with one of my cats. I have 2 females, one is middle aged and I had her since she was 6 weeks old.

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If your cat has started urinating in the wrong place, please act quickly. A habit can be very hard to change if it goes on for too long. The most important thing to understand is that there is always something wrong.

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Your cat isn't that far removed from their wild roots. They feel an instinctive urge to stake their claim by leaving their scent. While most territory marking is done through innocent rubbing or scratching, issues with urinating can also arise. Scent is the primary way that cats communicate.

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Cats are meticulous animals and usually confine their toilet behaviour to the litter tray or garden. The smell of cat urine in the house, or the discovery of faeces in the corner of the room, can be worrying. Illness, being trapped in a room or a sudden fright may all cause a one-off accident.

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Urinary issues are very common in cats, and inappropriate urination can be so frustrating to cat owners that it leads some to consider rehoming their cats. Before you go down this road, you should know that there's hope for your kitty. Not only can you learn how to best deal with urinary problems in your cat, but you can find out how to prevent some urinary issues in the first place.


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